1975 Ford F-150 Review

1975 Ford F-150 Review

There are many vehicles in the USA today but none has beat Ford which is a power house. This company has produced vehicles that have attested to the country’s revolution in the automotive sector. The 1975 Ford f-150 is one such vehicle.

This truck was built to curb the void between the f-100 and f-250.It originally debuted as a half ton truck with two door cab. One will be amazed at the extend of revolution this truck has undergone. There were numerous engine options available including a 5.0l V8 engine that could produce 130 hp, 7.5l V8 and a 5.8l FE.

Also available was a 3.9l straight-6 engine. There was no much in the interior compared to the modern vehicles except a FM radio and leather seats.

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