1976 Ford F-150 Review

1976 Ford F-150 Review

The 1976 Ford f-150 is a classic truck that can only be described as a compact, boxy and reliable truck. It took the truck industry by storm after its debut in 1976 due to its capabilities that had never been seen before. It quickly became a darling to the farmers thanks to its off road capabilities.

This truck was offered in four beautiful trims; sport, custom ranger and ranger XLT trims.Und3er the hood was an array of options to choose from ranging from V8, 385, FE and a straight 6.These engines were so powerful thus making it efficient to carry loads from farms.

The exterior was designed in a styleside supercab design which created a lot of interior room space. Additionally the truck came with a 2 door or 4 door options.

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