1977 Ford F-150 Review

1977 Ford F-150 Review

It’s always said that old is gold. That is absolutely true. This can be said about the 1977 Ford f-150 which has impeccable physique and a hot cake in today’s truck market. Though it’s an old make truck, it is even outselling modern futuristic vehicles due to its originality.

This trucks exterior design is not different from its predecessors. In fact, they look pretty much the same. Just like the others, it came in four trim levels; Ranger, Ranger XLT, Custom and sport. Also there was a 4 door and 2 door options due to the style-side architecture used.

The engine options offered were a bit different though not much. There was a Cleveland V8, FE, 385 and Windsor V8 in place of the straight 6 option.

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