1979 Ford F- 150 Review

1979 Ford F- 150 Review

Since the inception of the Ford f 150 series, Ford has made sure to continuously impro0ve the quality of the vehicles produced year after year. So it is with the 1979 Ford f 150 which got a boost from its predecessor the 1978 Ford F-150 which set the bar so high.

Even so, the 1979 model lived up to its expectation by displaying some incredible traits that one again put Ford on the enthusiast radar. This truck came with the same power train as its predecessor.

It included a 4.9l 300 engine with 114 hp, 5.0l 302 engines, 5.8l 351 engines, 6.6l 400 engine and a 7.5l 4×4 engines that was incredible on performance.

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