1999 Toyota Tacoma Review

1999 Toyota Tacoma Review

The Toyota Auto Company made the 1999Tacoma truck with a power to tackle serious off-road encounters. These special model avowals up to 6200 pound of towing aptitude and the only available 6-foot bed with a crew cab in any moderate size truck, on top of a magnificent reliable driving style.

The four-wheel auto has two doors, skid plates and a rear cargo tailgate. The Tacoma’s interior is attractive and remarkable. The switch gear is well laid and the regular cab seats two in coziness. It is equipped with an off road tuned suspension.

With a length of 15ft and a height of 5ft, the model has 190hp and 160 ft-lbs at 4000 rpm of torque. It has a rear wheel drive train type and a 5 speed manual transmission.

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