2000 Ford Focus Review and Pictures

2000 Ford Focus Review and Pictures

2000 Ford Focus Review.

The 200 Ford Focus is a vehicle built to be fuel efficient, and cheap. It allows middle class patrons reliable transportation for not a whole lot of money. The Ford focus generates an average 26mpg in the city and 34 mpg on the highway suffice it to say you won’t be visiting the gas station all that often. The 2200 Ford Focus comes with a 2.ol i4 engine that pushes out 130 hp with 135lbs-ft at 4.500 RPM. The gas tank holds 13.2 gallons and it comes with a variety of different features depending on your personal preferences.

The interior of the vehicle remains spacious despite that outward appearance of a small vehicle, allowing Ford to market the vehicle to their taller patrons. If you are in the market for an everyday commuter car, then look no further, the 200 FORD Focus will provide reliable transportation well past 150 k miles .making it a good investment for those who just need basic transportation.

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