2000 Toyota Tacoma Review

2000 Toyota Tacoma Review

If you are looking for a truck, and the comp[act pickup that matter, go for the 200 Toyota Tacoma. This second generation tuck is classified as a mid-size truck. It measures 66.5 inches height 184inches 62 inches height with a ground clearance at 6.3 inches.

This truck has a 15.1 gallon fuel tank using regular unleaded. It offers a rear wheel drive with a 5 speed manual gearbox. To give it power, it has a 2.4l base engine size with 4 inline cylinders. The torque stands at 160ft-lbs with 1452hp.The safety features include N head airbags and N sided mounted airbags to protect passengers.

The exterior of this truck includes adjustable passenger and driver door mirrors. Conventional lens built halogen headlights, fixed rear windows and tinted glass an rear and cabin.

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