2001 Ford F-150 Review

2001 Ford F-150 Review

The 2001 Ford F-150 remains to be America’s best selling truck to date. As a genuine workhorse, the truck boasts of excellent towing and hauling capabilities. It has a wide range of body styles and configurations, including supercab and regular. The vehi9cle is equipped like a luxury sport utility.

It has power adjustable pedals, rear seat entertainment system, handsome leather interior and an optional roof. The power adjustable pedals are standard on Lariant models and optional on XLT and XL trim lines.ABS brakes are standard throughout the F-150 line.

Another added feature is the remote keyless entry, which today is a standard feature on XLT models. It also comes with cruise control, air conditioning, day running lights, airbags and AM/FM/CD audio system.

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