2001 Toyota Highlander Review

2001 Toyota Highlander Review

The 2001 Toyota Highlander, a product of Toyota, i9s a middle range vehicle built under the design of Toyota Camry. It was made public in January 2001 after its announcement in 2010. North America was initially the place of manufacture for the SUV.

The Highlander came in 5 and 7 seats. It was made in the base model only. It originated with standard front wheel and four wheel drive. Its engine size was 2.4l, 3.0l and 3.3l with transmission speed of 4-speed and 5-speed; both were automatic transmissions.

It also consisted of a length of 183.3”, a width of 71.9” and a height of 66.5”. The vehicle came in a weight of 1716 kgs.

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