2002 Ford Focus Review and Pictures

2002 Ford Focus Review and Pictures

2002 Ford Focus Review

It’s hard to believe that general motors’ received heavy critics when it launched the 2002 Ford focus back in 1998.Critics slammed its bold styling design. Who knew this family miniature powerhouse would power Ford to countless world relying championship? The 2002 version is even harder to fault. It received a facelift in October 2001 which incorporated a smaller bumpers and a beastly looking grille.
The modern American classic isn’t just visually appealing; it now spots a refined engine and braking system. If one isn’t satisfied with the monstrous 1.8l and 2.0 l petrol versions they can opt for the 1.8l turbo diesel model which easily clocks 113bph.Ford engineers ensured all buyers are guaranteed to enjoy the best performance in its class. I know a couple of German engineering enthusiasts who would think the Ford Focus 2002 is a serious threat to the industry.

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