2003 Ford Escape Review

2003 Ford Escape Review

The 2003 Ford Escape is a product of Ford motor company. It features a midsize crossover design. It is a predecessor of the current models. Ford escape original model was released in 2000in preparation of the 2001-2007 model years. It was also known as Ford Maverick or Mazda Tribute.

The interior design composed of an AM/FM audio system and a CD player, air conditioning features, warnings on door ajar and airbags for both passenger and drive. It also came with floor mats, power steering, automatic delayed headlight switch-off, low fuel warning signal and an mp3 player.

The SUV engine specifications is composed of two types; a 3.0l v6 and a 2.0l 1-4 engines with 5 speed manual and 4 speed automatic transmission.

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