2006 Ford Focus Review, Spec With Pictures

2006 Ford Focus Review, Spec With Pictures

2006 Ford Focus Review.

Ford has been a brand of cars known for its powerful cars and Ford Focus 2006 is one of the major creations. The 4 ft 8.8” high and 14ft o0.5” long car comes in a variety0of colors and combines both comfort and performance to meet your needs.

The 2006 Ford Focus length creates enough space for both passengers and a cargo capacity of 39.7cu ft plus a towing capacity of 1000lbs.With 5 speed manual transmission, this front wheel drive has 166hp @6000rpm horse powered engine and a torque of 136ftlbs.Its fuel tank capacity is 1.4 gallons enough to reduce the hassle of frequent refueling. Just at 6.2 “clear off the ground and wheel base of 6.9” this 2006 SUV is able to clear fairly off tarmac terrain, a good choice for upcountry driving.

This Ford Focus 2006 also addresses occupants comfort and safety. The cloth cover sport seats and split folding rear seat-back give a taste of luxury and its ventilated front disc, engine immobilizer and passenger airbags take care of occupant’s safety. For anyone looking for a good performance and comfortable car, then this is the best choice.

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