2008 Ford Edge Review

2008 Ford Edge Review

2008 was the year that saw most cross over SUVs come out. The market was thronged with these vehicles making it more competitive. However, one SUV that stood out from the rest was the 2008 Ford Edge. It outsold nearly all other vehicles in the category.

It is considered a darling to most SUV lovers due to its unique unibody underpinnings unlike the Explorer. The Edge is powered by a 3.5l v6engine that can produce 265 hp and an incredible 3500 lbs. It comes with a six speed automatic transmission system and 4 WD is available as an option.

The interior is packed with quality gizmos which include a navigation system, leather seats, air conditioning system, air bags and a cool stereo system. It is worth mentioning that the interior is much spacious.

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