2009 Ford Escape Review

2009 Ford Escape Review

With better performance and fuel economy, the 2009 Ford Escape came with new radical changes bringing SUV models into a whole new level. From the original Escape SUV, Ford decided to reinvent its exclusive truck- based design, existing V8 engine and round- the- clock four wheel drive into a seven passenger seating cross over.

The 2009 Ford Escape is quite low and wide with short overhangs and tucked in panels. Backseats are equipped with a set of state of the art inflatable seat belts, while the rest of the interior introduced fit and finish materials and tight gaps that Ford offered.

The Ford Escape feature front suspensions and independent rear but retains a unibodily structure similar to the Ford Taurus, Ford Flex or the Lincoln MKS. The trucks powertrain furnishes a 3.5l V6 engine with four cylinders that run up to 290 hp, connected to a six speed transmission system.

Safety features of the model include front and curtain side airbags, anti-ski system, ABS, and traction control. Navigation controls are powered by MyFordTouch technology that uses voice activation in controlling cell phones, audio, climate and other components of the system.

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