2012 Ford Edge Review, Spec With Pictures

2012 Ford Edge Review, Spec With Pictures

2012 Ford Edge Review.

The 2012 Ford Edge is a stylish and spacious SUV that comes equipped with the latest technology. This stunning beast comes with the new turbo charged 2.0 liter EcoBoost 1-4.Loaded with EcoBoost engine, Edge offers better fuel efficiency without compromising the power. With a promise of 30mpg mileage, the 2012 Ford Edge comes with plush interiors and fitted with the latest technological features like MyFord touch system, cool navigational and music system.

The higher end model, Ford Edge sport gives you an all wheel drive with its massive 22-inch wheels. The basic model comes with standard airbags and anti lock controls. The rear view camera, blind spot monitors and parking sensors come with an upgrade.

Ford Edge also features MyKey technology where you can pre-program the speed limit for your teens. The dashboard of the 2012 model looks glossy and clean, thanks to MyTouch technology which works with Bluetooth and touch screen replacing the need for myriad buttons.

Finally, the generous leg room, adequate trunk space and excellent safety ratings make Ford Edge your perfect family car.

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