2013 Ford Focus Review, Spec With Pictures

2013 Ford Focus Review, Spec With Pictures

2013 Ford Focus Review.

The release of the 2013 Ford Focus saw the bar for the midsize SUV raised due to its impeccable and futuristic features. It outsold all the other SUV’s in the category do to its dynamic and sporty look. More so, the engine muscle posed by this vehicle was a force to reckon with at the time. After being redesigned from ground up, Ford managed to make this midsize SUV 300 pounds lighter.

The fabulous 2013 Ford Focus model has a breath taking interior which improves energetic performance. One could notice comfortable seats that are upholstered with pure leather, touch screen LED screen and sound system whenever you open its window. The exterior is designed in four trim ranks; SE, SEL, Limited and sport.
The 2013 Ford Focus offered two incredible engine options; 3.5l and 3.7 engines. They produced a 285 and 305 hp respectively which was pretty good for this class of vehicle.

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