2014 Ford Escape Review

2014 Ford Escape Review

2014 Ford Escape Review.
Upon its release, the 2014 Ford Escape was expected to be the third generation in the line of these well-known models. Its features will not deviate much from its precursors. However, Ford has made sure the model provides its users with advanced experience; this ranges from an attractive exterior, spacious and more comfortable interior; not forgetting its great engine muscle. This is all in a bid to meet its clients’ needs and guarantee more comfort.

In the front, it will include much slender LED headlights and a smaller grille. On other hand, its rear end will have LED rear lights extended with an LED bar. Though you can easily notice its unique look from its predecessors, it has basically maintained the same profile.

The 2014 Ford Escape engine is a V6, 2.3 L system turbocharged to produce 305 HP as well as 300 lb-ft torque. The engine further has an advanced fuel consumption rate boosted by 20%. A subsequent V6, 3.5 L engine is also available. To flavor it all up, a four wheel drive system and a six speed automatic system will be incorporated.

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