2014 Ford Fusion Review, Spec With Pictures

2014 Ford Fusion Review, Spec With Pictures

2014 Ford Fusion Review.

It’s no secret that the 2014 Ford Fusion caught the attention of all car lovers. This is evident by the big sell out rate. As a car model that was able to withstand the small car cross over storm, it took the market by storm. It further gained popularity by being named the safest and most economical Ford car.

The compact and sporty nature of the 2014 Ford Fusion made it look more radical and versatile. Not much was done to the exterior compared to the previous model except for minor touches to make the car more stylish yet versatile.
Just like any futuristic car, Ford stayed on toes to make sure that the 2014 Ford Fusion competed effectively with the others of the same category in the market. That is why they fitted the car with state of the art navigation system, air bags, leather seats and music system.

With an aim of reducing fuel, consumption and improving on efficiency, the 2014 Ford Fusion came with three engine options; a 2.5l, 170hp, 1.6l, 179hp and a 2.ol 237hp engines.

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