2015 Ford Explorer Review, Spec With Pictures

2015 Ford Explorer Review, Spec With Pictures

2015 Ford Explorer Review.

As far as Crossover SUVs go, the 2015 Ford Explorer is making major waves in the market. This model is far more optimized for on ride driving than its predecessors, with newly refined technology such as its rear view camera, smooth and quiet ride, and MyFord Touch technology. Yet, its terrain response system pays homage to the older models by allowing for some moderate off road driving.

The explorer’s interior features three rows of seats, capable of seating up to seven people comfortably. When folded down however, considerable cargo area is revealed. Notably this explorer is recognized for its interior comfort, besides being more fuel efficient, the Explorer boasts more roominess than the models that have come before it.

The strong and sturdy shape of the Explorer adds to its domineering appeal. The long creases along its side convey speed and progression. A sport package was also released that features bigger wheels, a darker grille, and an overall sportier look and feel.

The engine of this remarkable SUV is the standard Explorer engine that can produce a290hp.It is a 3,5l V6 engine that isn’t roaring but will get the job done. You have the option of getting front wheel drive or four wheel drive.

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