2015 Ford Focus Review, Spec With Pictures

2015 Ford Focus Review, Spec With Pictures

2015 Ford Focus Review.

The 2015 Ford Focus is engineered, designed and built for a fast lane.The vehicle is navailable as a four door sedan and it coimes with significant interior upgrades to enhance its usability.A small cubicle(Media Bin) and USB port head that has a charging capacity two times faster than the previous version has been added to the interior.

The door lock switch has been moved to the doors. A standard rear view camera has been added to it.The instrument pabel has been redesigned.Also, the steering wheel has been modified into a flat bottom wheel that allows more legroom for the driver.

The exterior of the vehicle retains the same front lock as the previous version with slight updates.The new modifications to the exterior include angular headlights, smaller radiator grille and restyled fog lights integrated bumper.

The 2015 Ford Focus has taken fuel economy to another level with the turbocharged 2.0l 4 cylinder engine that generates 252 hp with 270 pound feet of torque.

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