2015 Ford Focus RS Review, Spec With Pictures

2015 Ford Focus RS Review, Spec With Pictures

2015 Ford Focus RS Review

Join me as I take you to a tour of the much improved and performer, the 2015 Ford Focus RS. The highly anticipated 2015 hatchback, is a six-speed zooming, five door slamming, four wheel drive, turbocharged and drifting powerful; piece of machinery.

Performance-wise, the RS has been compared to the likes of Honda Civic Type-R, the Subaru WRX STI, and the Volkswagen Golf. Ford has also improved its aerodynamic abilities by enhancing its grip, handling, and overall efficiency.

The body kit has been redesigned with an all new grille, front and black bumper, dual-angled exhaust, and massive spoiler. The RS is available in colors such as Frozen White, Stealth Grey, Nitrous Blue and Absolute Black. As for the interior, it will include gorgeous Recardo seating, and a flat steering wheel. It comes stocked with a 2.3l turbo, four cylinder engine Mustang. The difference is a big intercooler and custom twin scroll turbo.

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