5 Facts You Must Know To Evaluate Audi A7

5 Facts You Must Know To Evaluate Audi A7. Audi-A7-3-0

There is no denying the fact that Audi is one of the most popular, well known and high performing high end vehicles in the market today. It has stood the test of time and has a history that is trail blazing and excellent. It has proven its commitment to quality, looks, comfort, safety, power and appearance to thousands of customers over the years. Hence it does not need reestablishing its credentials in any manner whatsoever.

In this article we will try and have a closer look at the Audi 7 which is generating quite a bit of interest from fans of Audi and even car experts and critics. However, before moving forward it is important that we know what makes this car special. In other words, over the next few lines we will try and have a look at 5 interesting facts that one must know before evaluating the Audi 7. We are sure it will help customers in understanding more about the various attributes of the car.

The Overall Perspective

As is the case with all A7 models, the roofline is one of the big takeaways. Therefore this point should be taken into account when planning to own A7. It comes with fastback which gives the best of flair and the much sought after hatchback practicality.

The insides of the A7 are simply superb stunning and luxurious could be an understatement. The sheet metal on the outside shelters and houses the highly powerful 3.0 liter V-6 turbocharged engine. This is capable of generating a stunning 335 horsepower of energy. Further the seven speed automatic dual-clutch is capable of sending the best of power to all the four wheels.

5 Facts You Must Know To Evaluate Audi A7. audi a7

It also comes with a 48 volt hybrid system which can help in improving fuel economy rather than bothering too much on its performance. The vehicle can move from 0 to 60 mph in around 4.7 second under test conditions. There is hardly any doubt that it is one of best vehicles in its range when it comes to long distance cruising. This has made all the more possible because of the interior about which we are sharing a few thoughts in the next few lines.

The Interiors

Quite a bit of new technical features are there to see as far as the interiors are concerned. The 10.1 inch touch screen located in the upper dash is capable of handling navigation, audio, and various other myriad settings.

It also comes with an 8.6 inch screen which has been designed to control the climatic settings. It also can provide a generous input box which could be used for navigation instructions. Not many would be aware of this and therefore this is a fact which you must keep in mind when evaluating the Audi 7. The seats are comfortable, classy and the leg room, both in the front and rear is quite comfortable. However, not many people would be aware of the fact that quite a few A7 models were recalled because of some problem with the seat sensor. Though it has been seemingly rectified, this point should also be borne in mind when evaluating this A7 model.

Some High And Lows

As is the case with most other vehicles it does come with its own share of highs and lows. There is no doubt that the A7 is a sexy vehicle with a very handsome design. The technical standards are of the highest quality and the performance is effortless.

It can lap up distances quite easily and can also climb tough hilly terrains without putting too much stress on the engine. However, on the downsides, many might not believe that it is a new model. It is the same in terms of power when compared to the previous models. Frankly, many believe that it might lack the excitement associated with many similar models like Mercedes- Benz CLS.

5 Facts You Must Know To Evaluate Audi A7. Audi-A7-black-car

It Does Not Have Autonomous Driver Assistance

Not many people would perhaps be aware that it does not offer semi-autonomous driver assistance. But this is more than made up by the active cruise control system. This helps in auto adjusting the speed and ensures that you always keep a safe distance from the car which is ahead of you. It automatically reduces speeds and intersections and tight corners through an AI capability built into it.

Incremental Features With Value For Money

Finally it would be pertinent to mention from the technical and engineering standpoint quite a few things have changed as far as A7 is concerned. Yes, it does look very close to its earlier models but some priorities have been kept unchanged and the continuity has been thought about quite a bit.

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