5 Tools for DIY Car Repair and Maintenance

5 Tools for DIY Car Repair and Maintenance. car repair

Cars are quite expensive, irrespective of whether they are new or even second hand. Whatever the condition be, you need to extensively save up quite a sum before you can actually end up affording the car. Now, the extent of expenses on a car doesn’t just stop after buying it, actually, it starts right there. It is quite important to ensure that you do something that cuts down these expenses to a bare minimum.

In this article, we are going to be discussing some of the essential tools for DIY car repair and maintenance that you need to keep in handy for saving your money from giving it away to mechanics and other sources.


These are possibly the most common and most important tools that you would need in the process of car repair and maintenance. If you are someone who extensively works on their own car and fixes the loose wirings and the associated problems with the engine, having a good working set of pliers in your toolkit is a must for any kind of car repair or maintenance.

It is best to get the pliers which have the very best insulation and it is best to keep variously sized pliers handy because you never know which one you will end up needing.

5 Tools for DIY Car Repair and Maintenance. car pliers

Ratchet and Torque Wrenchs

This is yet one of the essentials one needs to keep in handy in their toolkit. Using this tool for the overall process of tightening of the bolts is often times even done wrong by a number of mechanics because of overestimation. For convenience purpose, look into some of the most popular wrench such as cordless or air ratchet since they fit the job well and provide portability. Read this guide from Simply Home Tips for more information on cordless ratchets.

If you are someone who likes to fix their cars themselves, a quick tip for bolt tightening is to keep the setting of the torque as required and then tighten the bolt until you hear a click sound. Once that is heard, it is best to stop the process right there and not go overboard with it.

5 Tools for DIY Car Repair and Maintenance. wrenchs


A toolkit for DIY car repair must have a good pair of screwdrivers. It is important to not just open the sealed engine boxes and other stuff, they can come in handy in a number of situations. While the small screwdrivers are actually necessary to handle the electrical prospects of the repair, the big flat head ones are actually important as a prying tool.

Breaker Bar Driver

This is one of those tools not many novice car repairers are aware of. One of the most common problems that several people face while fixing their own car is the fact that they can’t get a bolt loose. This is quite common and there is nothing to be discouraged about.

The breaker bar driver is just what aids with the same and helps get your bolts loosened much easily in comparison to ratchet. They come a lot in handy if you have been seeking better tools to open the CV bolts and such.

5 Tools for DIY Car Repair and Maintenance. car-Maintenance

Car Ramps

Next, in the list include the car ramps and the floor jacks. Ramps are a must when it comes to DIY car repair process and such. It is quite important to ensure that you move accordingly. Ramps are quite beneficial when one is trying to change oil and it is quite safer in comparison to the floor jacks. The one added bonus of using car ramps in comparison to the floor jacks is that it is fast and easy to operate and doesn’t negatively impact the garage floor or even your driveway.

When you are trying to DIY car repair and maintenance, it is quite important to ensure that you know the essential tools that you would need and these above mentioned ones are the quintessential ones you need to have in your toolkit without fail.

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