8 Critical Things To Look For Before Renting A Camper Van

8 Critical Things To Look For Before Renting A Camper Van. a family with a camper van

Renting a camper van is a major commitment as it becomes your home for the many days you are going to travel. A road trip on a campervan is a great opportunity with multiple benefits. It will offer the travelers greatest flexibility and freedom; it lets you look at the remarkable marvels that you can’t see otherwise if you would have travelled by public transport. You can stop anywhere, travel at your own pace, and do everything within the camper van.

However, there are certain critical things that you need to be careful about when you are renting a camper van. Following are the most important aspects that shall be critically thought off by the campervan renters:

1.Price for the Peak Seasons

The thought of lounging outside the camper van during summers is magical; but not when you hire the camper van during summers at double the rates than any other season. You can decrease the cost of your camper van if you plan to travel during off-seasons; traveling off-season doesn’t mean that you have to wait for freezing cold to get cheap rent – travel during off-season but moderate climate.

2. Keep In Mind the Age Restrictions

Most of the campervans have age restrictions for young driver’s surcharge, it is usually for those under 25 years of age. Whereas if you are under 21 years old, chances are that you can’t drive any of the rented vehicle. Many campervan companies specialize in providing cars and camper vans for rent if you are 18 years or older but have a valid driver’s license.

8 Critical Things To Look For Before Renting A Camper Van. inside of a camper van

3. Be Aware of Variable Charges

Travelling from one place to another would cost you some taxes for using the highway; these taxes would increase or decrease depending upon the route you will take. Another major thing to be decided before renting a campervan is choosing the location where you will drop it off; it will cost you some extra charges in case you change the location.

4. Don’t Overload the Luggage

Most of the rental camper vans have all the essentials. Mercedes-Benz Sprinter camper vans come with bedding, cutlery, pans, plates, towels, child seats and pots. Anything you need to make the campervan your home will be readily available there. These inclusions must be checked in advance while renting a campervan. According to 0-60 Specs, these Sprinter vans offer a decent performance as well, which comes in handy when you’re driving on the highway.

You must check the package inclusions beforehand packing for the trip because you might find the essentials there. All that you need to worry for is the essentials that you need for yourself on the road trip.

8 Critical Things To Look For Before Renting A Camper Van. Volkswagen-California

5. Be Aware of Fuel Costs

With fuel price changing on and off, the price of fuel will either horrify you or delight you when you plan your trip on a campervan. While renting a campervan and planning your trip, you must keep in mind your budget restrictions. Also confirm the kind of fuel used in the camper van when you estimate your costs.

6. Beware of Parking Restrictions

Travelling in their campervans gives you a lot of freedom, but they just can’t park anywhere and sleep. If you want to live in your campervan without paying for holiday campsites or parks, you must make sure that your rental vehicle is fully self-sufficient.

Campsites will allow you to sleep in public areas, but you cannot camp for more than three nights. If your campervan is not self-contained then you have to use paid campgrounds, holiday parks or the free campgrounds allowing the non-self-sufficient vehicles in.

8 Critical Things To Look For Before Renting A Camper Van. a camper van

7. Verify Your Driving Requirements

You must first verify that you have a valid driver’s license for driving a large vehicle. If you are comfortable driving large vehicles, you should have a few test drives to make sure that you will comfortable on a long ride. There may be other requirements that you need to fulfil.

8. Practice Careful Driving

Most important things to be considered while driving a campervan is its size as its length and height is crucial – you need to make sure that you take turns and park accordingly. The weight of campervans is heavier than a regular vehicle so you need to keep in mind that it will take you longer to slow down or stop.

The next thing is its speed, you cannot drive as fast as you would with a small vehicle. While driving a campervan you must not take it off-road because they don’t have the capability to drive on bumpy roads.

Open road, parking, ultimate freedom and budget doesn’t come easily – there are many things to be careful about. Camper van rental is a super famous travel method especially when you are on a road-trip. Getting a good value of the campervan ride and being aware of the restrictions is a challenge. So, while renting a camper van is quite amazing, getting to know the critical things before renting a camper van is very important so that you don’t get any nasty surprises on your way to your destination.

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