Appraising Tips for Antique Cars

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Getting rid of that old classic car that you have forever can’t be an easy decision. After all, it’s an antique! So you may want to look into just how much your car is worth on the current market and make sure to get a few opinions. Although the ultimate opinion will come for the purchaser, it’s always good to have the knowledge of its true worth to back up the sale. As with anything now days, the internet is a great place to start looking for an appraisal.

There you can gather a multitude of information and check facts to make sure what you are finding can be verified. Be certain you can validate the details you present when putting your antique car up for sale to ensure the buyer feels good about what they are buying.

Not all companies will be antique carswilling to work with used cars, so you will need to weed out the ones that do. Often times, they can give you an outside opinion on how much your car is actually worth. Again, it’s always smart to get as many opinions as possible from knowledgeable businesses and to be safe it’s best to check they are registered with the BBB (Better Business Bureau). A quick search of the business’ reviews online will help assure you they are a trustworthy company.

If you are seeking an appraisal for your insurance company or just to legally document it, there are licensed appraisers available in just about every state with strict regulations to be followed.

antiquePart of appraising your antique car is to have it rated. It can be classified into a rating of good, very good, fine, and excellent based on how many miles it has, overall condition of the car, and any restoration that has been done. An excellent rating is virtually impossible to get unless the vehicle has no miles on it, meaning it has never been driven. Most vehicles with excellent condition were for show. The more information you can give your appraiser about your car, the better as it should help improve the end result of the rating.

Another place to look to get an appraisal are specialty businesses that specifically deal with antique cars. Auction houses and luxury vehicle dealerships would be a great help as they are used to obtaining or selling these types of cars. Oftentimes these types of dealers belong to an antique car association or their own appraisal organization, so you can be sure in the knowledge you gain from them. The BBB accreditation and online reviews can once again provide extra confidence in these sources.

Specialty businesses, auction houses, and the internet are all great sources when looking for an antique car appraisal, but The Ultimate Collector Car Price Guide out of Cars and Parts Magazine is also a great source to check into. Antique Car Appraisal and Collector Car Values are two more publications that you can refer to when acquiring any material about your car. The more knowledge you can obtain, the more you can be sure the price is right for both you and the purchaser of your classic car.

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