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askmid Free UK Motorists Service. man holding car keys

There are a vast number of free services for motorists who are buying or selling a car.

Also, those that have suffered accidents can also access some great free services to help overcome some of the obstacles presented because of road traffic accidents.

Let’s say you are unfortunate enough to be involved in a car accident. It may be a major or minor one but you need to check out if the other party is fully insured under UK law.

Websites like askmid provide a free service so you can check the status of vehicle ownership and if the vehicle is held on the National Insurance Database.

It is very helpful to know if a third party is responsible and if you are likely to get paid out by insurance company cover if the accident was not your fault.

No Claims Bonus

It’s the perfect way to check if you are going to hold your ‘no claims bonus’ after the accident.

Despite a huge national crackdown by the Police there remains at least 1.5 million UK drivers that are uninsured! The staggering statistic also means many vehicles may not carry an existing MOT or road tax licence (as both are required to obtain an active car insurance policy).

One of the ways in which the Police and DVLA are partnered to tackle the huge problem is with the use of drive by camera. You might have seen a DVLA vehicle driving down the highway with a rather big, black camera fixed to the roof of the car. This camera is scanning road traffic and instantly checking insurance, tax and MOT status.

askmid Free UK Motorists Service. DVLA

Motor Trade Policies Are Causing a Problem

Via motor trade insurance policies, the policy holder can usually drive any vehicle at any time without notifying the insurance company first.

Furthermore, policy holders may also be able to nominate employees with the same privileges.

Now, cars held my motor dealers are supposed to be registered on a National Motor Trade database so the Police and DVLA can see the vehicles are held legally. Only problem is that many dealers are not taking the time to upload allthere cars.

It’s not surprising when a dealer may buy a car on one day and sell it the next, before having a chance to upload on the national database.

However, industry experts like CarVeto highlight the benefits of an askmid car check not only for road traffic victims but for those buying a new, used car. Finding out if a car is fully insured, before you buy, is said to be a part of the buying decision. CarVeto might have a point.

They offer the askmid service as part of their free car check. All you need is a vehicle registration number (VRM) to get underway and the result is instant.

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