Basic Steps On How To Get The Nada Motorcycle Value


That bike that you bought for yourself five or ten years ago definitely hold some sentimental value, it would be pretty hard to part with it if you decide to finally sell it. The least you can do to soften the blow of parting with your bike is to price it accordingly. You can get the best value for your motorcycle by doing your homework and getting some reliable references that pertain to used bikes for sale in your area. If you find several bikes that have the same model as yours, then you won’t have to exert too much effort for determining a good price, provided that the bikes in the market have good custom work or low mileage. Ask a premium if your motorcycle is a rare variety in your locality. Your first reliable choices for looking up motorcycle price listings are the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) and the Kelley Blue Book.

They have everything you need for popular, common, and in-demand motorcycle and car models.  The two references have websites for your convenience, and they are recognized as the most reliable giants in the field of vehicle value assessment in the United States. Review classified ads in newspapers, publications, magazines, or journals that are specific to automotives and other similar sources as well. Survey trends on vehicle prices in your locality by asking car owners and dealers too. Key in the model of your motorcycle in an online listing to see what’s in store for you. For instance, if you put up an Aprilia motorcycle for sale, check out ‘Aprilia’s Forums’ or ‘Aprilia Scooters for Sale’ in websites with bike price listings. There are websites that offer free ad postings for products that you would want to put up for sale, grab the opportunity and make your own ads too. If you want to make the most out of your bike for sale, you may want to sell the bike separately and just add the upgrades or accessories as top-up to its price.

Evaluating the Price of a Used Motorcycle

nada motorcycleJust like purchasing secondhand cars, you’ll save a lot of money if you get a used motorcycle than settling for a brand new one. Investing on a used motorcycle is best for hobby riders or those people who only use their bike on weekends for recreational purposes. Try to look at the various factors that need to be considered when a used motorcycle is put up for sale, for evaluation purposes. Before you finalize on buying a secondhand, try to write down your preferences and needs to narrow down your choices. Being aware of your experience as a driver, your needs, and your purpose for using the bike all play a big role in choosing the right motorcycle. Don’t forget to foresee minor repairs that you may have to shoulder once you close the deal. Do your homework and research on the types of bikes that are available in your locality and compare their prices in the NADA guide and Kelley Blue Book. These references provide benchmark prices for land and watercrafts.

Request to see the bike so you can assess it for potential damage and physical dents and flaws. If you’re not privy to assessing the condition of a motorcycle, you can hire a mechanic to do the job for you. Take note of scratches, dents, or other imperfections that can pose a danger to your safety or flaw to the car’s physical attributes. A mechanic can also easily spot improvements or additions made for the car. Test the bike at varying speeds. You have to ensure that everything works fine, especially the lights, horn, and breaks.  An overall feeling of ease and comfort when you ride the motorcycle is also important. You should feel at ease starting it up, turning, and steering and everything else essential to driving. Aside from feeling comfortable when testing the bike around, you should also assess for potential problems. Your mechanic is the best person who can differentiate a lemon from a legit good secondhand. Take notes if you have to and pay extra attention to what your mechanic has to say about motorcycle that you are planning to buy.

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