BMW i3 Review – Specs, Price and Pictures

BMW i3 Review – Specs, Price and Pictures

This is a hybrid. All aspects were collaborated in this BMW i3. The LifeDrive architecture was brought as a basis: this model is a spacious, light and at the same time safe transport. The simplicity of construction and modern materials allow you get any distances without charging and save passengers. Furthermore, BMW i3 can boast excellent driving dynamics.

The battery is located in a place to provide a good weight distribution and dynamics of motion. The electric motor on the rear axle is able to issue 125 hp and 250 Nm. It leads to good driving characteristics and a small turning radius. The acceleration from 0-100 kmph is for 8 seconds. Also, good maneuverability is one of the biggest advantages because it provides a good parking even in very bad conditions.

There are a lot of translucent elements in interior. Renewable materials are used in manufacturing the car. It is a big plus for those who care about the environment.  Even the carbon-fibre is produced at a plant powered by hydro-electricity. The fuel consumption is 0.6L per 100 km.

The price of a new BMW i3 2016 is approximately $46,000.

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