Buying a Car for a Teenager. Should You or Shouldn’t You?

Buying a Car for a Teenager. Should You or Shouldn’t You?

Different states have different laws when it considers the driving license . Some states allow driving when a person is 14, while some allow driving no earlier than one turns 17. And here appears the question to buy a car to your (I suppose child) or not. Let’s try to look on it at different angles. Of course, it is necessary to have a vehicle nowadays. It definitely makes life easier. However, when speaking of teenagers we cannot forget that sometimes they might behave in a dangerous way.  That is actually connected with driving. Teenagers are not known to be the best drivers. That is due to the age specialties, when teenager does not think of the anything including safety. On the other hand having own vehicle can be not only exciting but also motivating for a teenager to grow up. It will definitely bring the level of ones responsibility to a high point. The teenager will be thinking not only of things he(she) usually does,  but he will be taking care of his(her) vehicle (maintenance, cleaning, fueling  etc.) All that will prepare a teenager to a future adult life. (At least he will have a small idea)

ыфвфывOnce you made a decision to purchase a car for a child (he obviously will not be able to buy one himself) you need to think a lot before you do that.. Consider what type of car is better for him to drive. My suggestion is to begin with a car that will be of small size. Not a bad idea to let a child learn driving on manual gearbox. Don’t get confused. It is actually a good beginning, because if one learns driving on manual he will have no problems driving automatic. But not vice versa. For those who drove automatic gearbox car would be no way to even pull out of the parking lot on manual. Think about that. Once you made a decision on that I would suggest to buy a used car. Once again it would be cheaper and that would give necessary skills in repairing or having an idea about that (at least it will give the hint of motivation to work hard and get a new car) Now the point where you consult the future driver about his preferences. Let the teenager choose the car he considers cool (that would be a decisive feature probably) but let him know that it’s not the only what he should be thinking of. Mileage, make, model, age always matter. Try to teach a teenager to evaluate the vehicles. If you also have problems with that you might ask for help someone experienced. Don’t forget to ask mechanic about the cars general condition.  Visit several dealerships. The teenager will probably be so excited that might try to pursue you into buying a first vehicle he likes. But better to not do that. Use all possible sources to find out a true price of the car. Kelley Blue Book online service can be useful.  Most important teach child to drive safely and don’t forget about that yourself!

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