Buying a Used Motorhome – How to Find a Better Deal?

Buying a Used Motorhome - How to Find a Better Deal?

First of all you should answer the question whether you need it or not.

As in any other cases there pros and cons. I will give you 3 of both that I consider important to anyone who decided to purchase a recreational vehicle.

  • Pros-You are close to nature,
  • easy to organize road trips,
  • easy to fit all your family.

Cons-Size (difficult to park and drive), gas mileage, maintenance.

Once you left behind thinking about that, I would suggest to think what are the most important features that might have influence on your choice. Those include: the size, the inside equipment and of course the value. Think about where and when you are planning to travel on it. Raise that question on the nearest family meeting and make sure you took every opinion into consideration.

Now when you are on the next level you need to know that there is rich choice of motorhomes for any kind of costumer. And you should not worry that  you might not find the one you like. That is not an option, the only problem is that it might take time to find the one you need.

Get ready to a lot of searching and inspecting. Go on websites that deal with motorhomes, ask friends or whoever has the idea about what you need to know. If you ask me I would suggest to buy a used motorhome, as they are usually cheaper and if are taken a good care of they are not any worse than new ones but do it very carefully. Tip number 1-Buy a motorhome at fall or early winter. That is the time when people from northern part of the country go southwards and people who go camping in summer are already  done with that and think about getting rid of their RV.  Buying any kind of vehicle from an individual can be both easy and difficult. There is always a chance to run into a seller that will try to sell you a lemon. That’s the human nature unfortunately.

To be prepared have in mind that:

M11689.1It is very important where the previous owner kept RV geographically. It may be a cold state or some place like Texas or Arizona. Both the cold and the heat may have negative effect on motorhomes condition. Best solution is to find an RV in some central region if possible of course.

When you are inspecting the camper itself remember: Where had it been parked is very important. Parking on the grass is the worst thing for a motorhome. If the color is faded and the plastic details are brittle it may mean that the camper had been parked in the heat a lot. Motorhome should be clean both inside and outside. It will be necessary to get under the RV.

Make sure that: the transmission fluid is pink and does not smell as it has been burning, check the brakes, wouldn’t hurt to check the engine. Remember that mileage doesn’t make much difference when it goes to a motorhome.

Make sure there are no traces of corrosion on the cooling or heating panel. Check if the inside of the trailer is damaged by water or anything else. Inspect all the doors and windows, the water, the refrigerator, the owen ( if there is any). Check out the battery and lights, the windshield in case it was hit by rocks. Don’t forget that you are not under an oath to buy the first trailer you think suits your requirements. Take your time. To help you there is Kelley Blue book online service that is designed to help you valuating vehicles. Don’t be afraid to examine everything about the trailer, you might also ask for copies of the service and maintenance. On the first place to find out what kind of RV you need try to rent one and live in it for a weekend or so.

Have a good time camping!

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