Buying Toyota Highlander 2014

Buying Toyota Highlander 2014

First of all lets speak about Highlander itself. Before buying this car consider:

  • Dimensions,
  • Characteristics of the engine,
  • Fuel consumption.

Toyota is the new premium SUV class. In addition, its performance confirm the status. First, the Highlander is a new gasoline engine with inline design, equipped with injector. Design: 4 cylinders (4 valves on each of them), and the volume is 2.7 liters, also it is made with 3.5 engine.  Powerful and high-torque engines, coupled with impressive dimensions make it an SUV model year 2014 one of the best of its kind. However, everything is not so perfect as it may seem. Stated information on the fuel consumption of Highlander is not completely precise.  While driving in urban the engine begins to burn up to 20 liters. However, the problem is that the capacity of the fuel tank is only 72 liters, that is why the power reserve (especially in city mode) is small. In this case, the variation with diesel engines would solve the problem, but there is no such option. Toyota 2014 size:

5– the height of the Highlander – 1 730 mm;

– length – 4 865 mm;

– width – 1 925 mm.

However, there are some drawbacks. To them we count the high consumption of fuel, not the most progressive design, engine and a small trunk.

Anyway it is a good choice for many people. Consider all the mentioned characteristics and find out if that is the vehicle you want to drive.

If you finally put your eye on that SUV think of where and when you will be using it. Then consider of buying a used one as it will cheaper and the model is new enough.

Purchasing highlander at a dealership may be expensive enough also. In addition, there wouldn’t be much possibilities for a discount or sale (actually who knows?)

maxresdefaultConsider buying from an individual. It is also has some drawbacks but there is a chance to get a car in a good shape for less money than the dealer would request.  Speaking of drawbacks… Sometimes the owner may try to lets say, «forget to mention» about some facts of the cars history. Accidents or any other problems. To avoid being talked into buying a pig in a poke you should be completely prepared. Ask to give all the documents about the vehicle (documents proving that the person owns the vehicle, insurance bills, reports on accidents or repairs if there any) Find out the possible information about the car visiting Crime bureau site and local DMV. (Use the car ID number)

Ask for a test drive and do not be shy to bring the mechanic to check the condition of the vehicle.

Ask the owner about the reasons he is selling basically one of the new models. If he speaks unwillingly on that question or he is setting a way, too low price tag you might be a little more attentive rather than excited.

Finding out the real value of the vehicle can be a bit of headache. You need to find out the fair market value of the car you want to buy. One of the options is using Kelley Blue Book or Nada guides websites. Consulting bank or insurance agency also wouldn’t hurt.

Those things you should do before buying from either dealerships or individuals.

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