8 Common Mistakes When Buying Your First Car

buying your first car

Almost everyone makes mistakes when buying their first car. What are the most common errors? Read and find out.

Not “that very” car

Of course, you have a lot of expectations regarding your future car. For example, you want to drive to the countryside with your friends every weekend. Or you are going to buy a two-seater – for you and your significant other.

But reality makes its corrections: friends are constantly busy, and a new member of your family is suddenly on the way.

All this is not so important if you can afford to buy a new car anytime. But such a possibility is an exception rather than a rule. Buying your first car, imagine it’s going to be your family car for a few years.

Forgetting about fuel economy

When you’re buying your first car, you don’t really know how much money a driver usually spends on fuel.

Petrol prices don’t make us happy and are not going to make us happy in the near future. So, your petrol bill can become an unpleasant surprise, especially if you begin to actively use your car immediately after making a deal.

Car maintenance is an expensive pleasure. And you’ll soon see how your money is flying out of the tailpipe.buying your first car - man holding car keys

The same goes for the spare parts prices. You’ll need to have your car repaired (even though it requires only small repairs). Check how much you’ll be spending on standard repairs beforehand.

Read forums where car owners tell about their automobiles and find the model you’re interested in. You’ll immediately find out which problems you’re most likely to have. And then think whether you can afford the expenses or not.

Sudden repair

“Get yourself a used car! Do you really need a new one?” – Newbies often receive such advice.

Of course, used cars are cheaper. And you’re not so scared to get a few scratches on them. But even experienced car users sometimes can’t detect the problems in such autos. You should be a skilled mechanic to be sure you are not making a mistake.

It’s even advised to check your car for minor problems at “reliable” technical service stations, not the ones the seller is talking about. Hidden defects can be quite costly. So, if you’ve decided to choose a used car over a new one, bring a mechanic with you. Even if their service costs a few thousand, you’ll save far more money this way.

And we still haven’t mentioned that a car defect can cost you not only money but also your own health or even life.buying your first car - examining the motor

The car “for slaughter”

“Buy one of the cheapest cars available: it won’t be a pity to break and you’ll learn how to drive!” – This is the “number one” tip from experienced drivers.

Now think: why do you want to buy a car? To break it or to drive it? To learn how to repair it yourself or to move from point A to point B?

Newbies don’t feel at ease behind a wheel. Place them in an “almost killed” car – and things will become even worse. Why complicate things further and put yourself at risk when you can buy a reliable and fuel-efficient car that’s not very expensive?

A car to show off

Before buying a car, think about what you will do with it. The automobile should be reliable, bring you to the place of destination without problems, and accommodate the items you usually take with you on journeys. Cars have a variety of upgrade possibilities, but you won’t be able to expand its basic functions.

There is an opinion that a beautiful and fashionable car makes an impression on people around you and therefore your life will become better. But just a good-quality and reliable car will do the same.

Choose a car as you would choose any other tool and don’t let your emotions take control of your decision.buying your first car - woman showing off

Hopes for future profits

Cars are expensive, but this doesn’t mean that such an investment is going to pay back (we’re talking about a private car, not any kind of business here). The resold car is cheaper due to only the fact it has already had an owner. Salespersons at auto salons will recommend you one of the more expensive models and say that it’s going to cost a small fortune even resold. That’s not an argument you should pay attention to. For example, an automatic transmission will cost more if you decide to sell your car. But that won’t have an influence on the lower pricing of the used car in general.

So, a private car is not an investment. Minimize your expenses and buy a safe and reliable vehicle.

No bargaining

If you’ve still decided to go for a used car, keep in mind that the price the previous owner tells you is approximate. You can and you should bargain – as a rule, sellers are ready to negotiate the price. In order to achieve an agreement, you’ll need to examine the car thoroughly and ask questions about its condition. An attentive buyer will be able to reduce the final price by a thousand. Study the forums if you want to know what to ask or take a skilled mechanic with you and let them ask questions for you.

A car loan at the auto salon

When buying your first car is almost a deal, there is one more trap left to avoid. Especially if you’re going to take a car loan. So, you’re standing in front of your dream car, and the dealer suddenly says that you can buy it that very second on special conditions. Just sign the loan contract, and then you’ll need to pay next to nothing every month.buying your first car - car toy on a pile of coins

And that’s exactly the time when you need to put yourself together and not to do anything rash. Read the loan conditions attentively. Loans offered in auto salons are often unfavorable – you’d better research bank offers and choose the most suitable option. Do it before going to the auto salon to avoid any temptations.

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