All About Canceling Out Noise for Your Automobile

If your car is as old as mine, chances are noise inside makes it impossible for you to have a decent conversation with your companion or listening to music a pleasant thing to do. This is because of the unnecessary noise that the car makes. The rattling and vibrations worsen as the car puts on age. The more years, the noisier they become. Click here to read more about the common automotive noise that a car owner must be familiar with.

Putting on a stereo would mean good music and pleasant driving experience. However, when there are engine, exhaust and body parts rattling, it becomes annoying. The sound from the stereo would compete with the noise the car makes and the car always win.  This makes it frustrating.

However, this can be remedied. There are a lot of materials in the market today that can help reduce automotive noise. These materials can be installed in walls, doors, floors or any part of the vehicle which produces much noise.

How can you soundproof your car?

  • Line the floor with sound deadening mats underneath the car floor mats.
  • The car doors should be insulated.
  • Use quite tires as these will cause less road noise.
  • Use a soundproof exhaust.
  • Make sure that your car is well-cushioned, oiled and insulation is good, this helps prevent vibrations to get into your car and make noise.

Soundproofing your vehicles will make conversation inside more possible and music, if you are playing the stereo, is more audible and enjoyable. discusses why it is important to soundproof your vehicles.

Reducing the noise

Going straight to the source of the noise is the best way to address it. The source of noise could either be the engine, the exhaust, the suspension system or the tires themselves. You need to learn how to listen to the sound of your car, when you hear a grinding, clunking, or scraping sound; there must be something not right somewhere. What you have to do is bring your car to the mechanic and have it checked. Make sure that oil and other fluids are regularly changed; check the tire pressure and regular maintenance must be done to avoid these malfunctions.

All About Canceling Out Noise for Your Automobile

Make sure that the sound-deadening parts are all intact and in place

When your car does not seem to have any problem, noise can still make it inside the cabin – a certain level of noise from the wind and the engine will still be noticeable. Check the sound deadening materials that are in place from manufacturer. Make sure that they are in place and are functioning. In most manufacturers, they install the basic sound deadening materials in their manufactured cars, these help with minimizing the noise from getting through into the cabin.

Underneath the hood, on the other side, manufacturers usually install flame-retardant pads. This help in suppressing the heat from the engine and at the same time it also makes a significant contribution in reducing noise coming from the car engine. These pads are thick and often made of layers of materials intended to suppress the heat – it effectively absorbs sound and prevent it from travelling into the cabin. However, over time some parts under the hood would deteriorate and would need repairs or replacements, otherwise they would add to the noise or are no longer efficient in suppressing it. Always check that all these parts under the hood are well in place and functional as expected.

One other item that can be used is rubber seals – to seal off windows and doors. This is already installed from the manufacturer’s end, but you would need to check this every now and then because misalignment causes inefficiency in sound proofing. They will also leak – water and air can get inside the cabin of your vehicle if this rubber seal is defective, damaged, rotten or simply misaligned. They also leak in noise from the outside environment. In fact, when you buy a car, you should include this in the checks you make before taking out the unit from the manufacturers.

All About Canceling Out Noise for Your Automobile

Install sound-deadening and insulation materials

Most expensive luxury vehicles have sound-deadening materials installed and these are made up of specialized materials and are designed to guarantee superior sound-proofing capabilities. This defines the difference between expensive luxury and baseline economy vehicles. However, having an economy car does not mean that you are stuck with whatever noise the environment can get through into the cabins of your vehicles. Sound-deadening materials are readily available in the market and can be installed in your vehicles – full installation or on parts where necessary such as the floors and doors, when you are on a budget. Eventually, when you the installations are done, your economy car will rival the luxury cars in terms of sound proofing.

Manufacturers and suppliers such as Dynamat and B-Quiet have products that absorb sound waves from the wind, from the engine, exhaust systems and other source of unnecessary noise that can get into the car interior and interfere with conversations or stereo music. Plans of installing sound deadening materials start from here since finding a manufacturer of your choice is significant in the achievement of your desire to sound proof your car. Choosing the right materials and professional automotive help will definitely matter.

Both manufacturers supply kits that can be customized to your vehicle’s fit. All pieces are cut to specific sizes and are intended to fit any vehicle size. These materials can be installed in floors, walls, and door cavities or the main areas where sound-proofing is necessary. If a do-it-yourself plan is opted, removing the doors and carpets would need some skills, but can be done by you. The seats are bolted and removal may require reference to the service manual of your vehicle. All these can be done at your garage with the use of common hand tools we see at home every day. With simple steps, you can now enjoy peace, quiet and comfort of your vehicles whether on a long drive or just an ordinary routine daily drive.

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