Cheap Supercars, Exotics and Sports Cars for Under $10,000

Cheap supercars

It seems that you have to be in the likes of James Bond to be seen driving a fast, sleek, smooth super car. The rest of us seem to only dream of the glamorous looking, engine roaring, finely tuned right down to the very last detail automobiles. Why? Because the biggest misconception is that you would have to sell off everything you own just to put a down payment on one of these exotic cars. Luckily, this is not true! Due to the decreasing price in used cars because of their depreciation levels, the price of a super car now won’t necessarily break the bank. Some you can even find cars under 10000! Yes, I said $10,000.

The definition of a supercar is a uniquely good looking vehicle that is able to perform above and beyond any other car on the road. Some supercars may be modeled after a normal vehicle, but are accessorized with specialty features such as fender flares, updated bumpers, spoilers, unique lights, and mirrors. Supercars demand attention and they deserve it.

Five supercars that are now available for less than $10,000 are:

The Porsche 968

cars under 10000 Porsche_968_CS_Seitenansicht

The Nissan 300ZX Twin Turbo

cars under 10000

The Audi S4 B5

cars under 10000 Audi S4 B5

The BMW M3 E36

cars under 10000 The BMW M3 E36

The Chevrolet Corvette C5

cars under 10000 The Chevrolet Corvette C5

Check out EBay Motors to find a never-ending list including these supercars for an affordable price. Don’t wait to have the car you’ve always dreamed about!

Eco-Friendly Small Used Cars

A great way to save money when car shopping is to buy something used. Sometimes finding the right used car can be a difficult task because there are numerous options available. Below is a narrowed down list of five eco-friend vehicles to get you started and help save money.

Dodge Caliber

cars under 10000 Dodge Caliber

The Dodge Caliber was put out by Chrysler in 2007 to take the place of the Neon compact car. A base model of the Caliber was available for less than $14,000, but a variety of trim level options are also on the market. If you are looking for a hatchback body style, great steering manipulation, and great gas mileage of about 27 mpg then search for a used Caliber in today’s market for under $10,000. The Caliber also comes in all-wheel-drive so you can still push through those tough winter months!

Ford Focus

cars under 10000 Ford Focus

Since 1999, the Ford Focus has been on the market and a redesigned model became available in 2008. Most used Ford Focus’ can be found as low was $5,000 and up to $15,000. Those prices usually relate to the hatchback, sedan, or station wagon models. Numerous special-edition styles are also available. Some with an exceptional stereo system or even a Pet Package for your furry friends. You can expect to get about 23 miles per gallon when driving a Ford Focus.

Chevy Aveo

cars under 10000

General motors released an entry-level, subcompact car known as the Chevrolet Aveo in 2002. The Aveo is available with three to five doors and also a hatchback. You can expect to get about 30 miles per gallon with the 1.6 liter based engine, and you also have the option to obtain the LT luxury trim version. Because the used versions of the Aveo are priced usually below $10,000, this is another great option when buying great cars at a bargain price.

Volkswagen Jetta

cars under 10000 Volkswagen Jetta

Volkswagen, the most widely known German automaker, introduced the Jetta in the 1970s. The latest version has been in America since 2005 and has built up quite the reputation for cost effective maintenance. The Jetta is also known for being reliable and factors into the eco-friendly category getting 25 miles per gallon. A diesel model of the Jetta is also on the market. Even though the Jetta sells for a little more than your average used compact car, there is still a great chance of finding it for under the $10,000 mark and it even looks more like a luxury vehicle.

Geo Metro

cars under 10000 Geo Metro

Coming straight out of the 1980s and 1990s is the Geo Metro. The Geo Metro is known for being one of the lowest cost cars available today. This value car can usually be found for under $2,000 and is the most desirable subcompact, cost effective way to get around. An inline-three-cylinder engine is one of a variety of options available for the Geo Metro which gets you 40 miles per gallon or more!

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