Determining the Edmunds Trade in Value of a Car


Car consumers can be educated and empowered by the likes of websites publishes by Edmunds. When you have a vehicle to trade in the purchase a new one, it would be smart to some of the tools provide my Edmunds online. offers a tool that specifically calculates the trade-in value of your car which is valuable information when looking to purchase a new one. Follow the steps below to establish your car trade-in value.

Head to and select the used car link. Choose “Determine the value of your car” to start the process by choosing the style of car you are looking to trade in. Edmunds makes it easy by alphabetically listing the cars and correlating the year it was made.

Choose the model and style of your car to display corresponding features of that car. Once all the information has been inputted, view and note the trade-in value you are quoted. To get a more specific value based on you location, continue on by choosing the “sell” option along with the color and mileage. Enter added features of your car and be sure not to leave anything out.

Next, identify the condition of your car and be honest about it. This will help you get the most accurate price. Most cars are deemed as average or clean rather than falling into the Outstanding classification.

Select the model of your car and then select the style. The style is any way of further defining the characteristics of your car.

A new trade-in value will be displayed and you will need to confirm your zip code to specify your location. Compare the general trade-in value with the location specific trade-in value. Bring this information into the dealership to help you with negotiating the proper price.

You may look into privately selling your car if the trade-in value doesn’t suit you. Edmunds can also provide you with an approximate private seller price as well as an estimated retail price of the car. Private sales generally produce an increased sale price over a trade-in.

The Reason Kelley Blue Book Lists Trade-Ins for Less

Prices tend to differ for trade-ins when comparing Edmunds to Kelley Blue Book. This is due to the fact that each site uses different algorithms when determining an average price for the vehicle. A variety of categories is also used between the two sites and the details used to identify the category placement is different between Edmunds and Kelley Blue Book. Dealers most often use Kelley Blue Book because the trade-in values are also listed for less. Kelley Blue Book justifies this by the algorithms they use being more accurate with current pricing over Edmunds.


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    Trade in value on 2011 mercedes sprinter van. Converted by Sportsmobile of Fresno California. All the usual items. Stove sink shower bench seats in rear convert to bed microwave. Porta potty . Solar panels on roof. Manual awning. Diesel engine. Great shape. Very lightly used.

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