Determining the Value of an RV using NADA RV

Recreational vehicles or RVs are a thing for weekenders, hobbyists, and campers. You can use them as a temporary living setting outside of your home when you’re on the road. The two types of RVs are towable ones and motorized vehicles.

Motorized RVs – self-sustaining vehicles that are also called motor homes. They have a built-in engine and you can hit the road and live on it while you drive.

Towable RVs – these include pop-up campers and fifth wheel tents that don’t have their own engines. You have to hook them up to a vehicle to bring them with you to camp.

Before finally deciding to buy your own RV, you have to make sure that its value is reasonable enough for its quality. To help you out, there’s NADA RV Guides which is available online to help you with price listings. This is a good reference when it comes to vehicle prices. So first off, you have to choose your RV. They are categorized as motor homes, truck campers, trailers, 5th wheels, and park models. The names of the manufacturers are arranged alphabetically by the first letter. Choose your manufacturer from the list before anything else. Next up, select your RV’s year. You will then be navigated to another listing that is arranged by year. For your information, the NADA RV guide has values for RVs that are manufactured from 1975 to 2010. Afterwards, choose your RV’s model.

nada rvThere are various available models in the NADA website that correspond to a certain year. Length is another aspect that you should also consider. Determine your choice length of RV because they vary in size according to type. And of course, the value of an RV is affected by its length too. If you have equipment or accessories in mind, look for an RV that comes with them. Another thing that you need to consider when choosing an RV is the mileage. As for the equipment, take note of essentials such as a generator, kitchen basics, heating facilities, leveling systems and jacks, awnings; and lighting. Afterwards, select the ‘Get Used Value’. You will then be provided with average retail prices and low values. Make a good comparison of your RV with other RVs that are similar to it. Keep in mind that a reference like NADA does not indicate consideration factors such as current prices in local sales, mechanical condition, and a vehicle’s appearance. In order to get a more reasonable value for your RV, you have to make a market comparison so you’ll see what RVs are put up for sale in your area.

Other options that you can consider include a website such as Craigslist, your local newspaper, or RVTraderOnline. When you get your hands on these references, look for RVs that look similar to yours, albeit they have different manufacturers. The brand is not significant for determining the value of an RV. Instead, take note of your RV’s wear, year, operating condition, length, and working condition. Compare updated market prices and cross-reference them with what’s in NADA RV guides, and then get the average. Look for the average price of the RV that resembles yours. The average price is usually the most accurate value of the RV’s worth in a certain locality.

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