Donating a Car – How to Avoid Possible Difficulties?

Donating a Car - How to Avoid Possible Difficulties?

Charity is a very kind and honorable activity. Those who donate to people in need deserve appreciation and respect. Very many establishments help people through donations. Most charity organizations accept any kind of goods including money. However, we are to speak about the car donation. It may sound strange but one may deal with a bunch of formalities before he can actually donate his automobile. That is why the first thing to do is to study the rules of the organization. You really need to make sure what are they going to do with your donation. They might give it to people in need right away or they might sell it as well through a dealer to use money for charity. Drive the car you are going to donate to the charity yourself, that will be a small contribution. In reality, unfortunately most of the cars end up on auctions or simply sold.

donate-cars-to-charityIn addition, the prices on auctions are a lot lower than the car actually worth. The best way to help the people in need is to sell your car and donate money to them. Find out if the organization is able to take tax-deductible donations. The tax-deduction rates are not that high nowadays. So do not expect much. To be sure you should ask for information about the organization from the Internal Revenue Service. But your accounts will be also checked. Does it matter how much the car cost? Yes it does. If you are going to donate a car that worth more than 500 dollars you simply fill the  IRV form to get the tax return .In case the charity organization have sold the car they must give a document proving that the buyer and seller are not connected anyhow. In that case, donators tax-deduction will make as much as the vehicle was sold for. Always keep the receipt from the donation. It would be easier if the charity organization would take donation directly without involving the so-called third parties. If the vehicle you are going to donate worth more than 5000 dollars, there appears the necessity to involve an appraiser or use the Kelley Blue Book and Nada Auto Dealers Association websites. Consider age, mileage, make, model and the general condition of your car. To secure yourself take a photo of your vehicle. Remember that everything is in your hands. You are the one that makes all the decisions from the beginning. So to cut the long story short:

  1. Charity is very nobly.
  2. Find the charity organization with the best reputation
  3. The best way to donate is to donate directly without any third parties
  4. Make sure charity is able to give a tax-deduction
  5. Have a clear view on your car value (keep all receipts from repairing if there any)
  6. Keep all the documents
  7. If you are really concerning about helping those in need, go ahead and sell your car and donate money

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