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Edmunds.com is a great place to begin your research when buying a new car. With a slogan of “Edmunds.com – Where Smart Car Buyers Start”, why wouldn’t you choose Edmunds as a starting point? Not only do they have reviews on cars, you can also find vehicle road tests, buying guides, and videos.

Head on over to Edmunds.com and select the “Car Reviews” link near the top of the page. The two categories to be displayed are “Vehicle Overviews” and “Road Tests”.  Search all in either of these sections and select the manufacturer and model of the car you are interest in

Review the information provided under each car or click on a variety of links provided to get a more thorough review. Choose multiple road tests to obtain as much information and background on each car of your choice.

Browse through the buying guides, video gallery, blogs, and articles about different vehicles to gain even more knowledge. You can search through the Buying Guides to compare a certain style of vehicle between different manufacturers. Reading the reviews will also help you to make a decision.

Edmunds also offers a Top Ten list of car deals of the month and cars with the lowest true cost of ownership. Use this information to guide you to a decision on what kind of car you are leaning towards. From there, you will want to physically get behind the wheel of a car by heading to a dealership to take a test drive. Then you evaluate the vehicle based on the Edmunds research along with your own opinion of your physical interaction with the vehicle.

With tons of information on both used and new cars, it would be smart to not rule out buying something pre-owned. This will even save you a bit of money if you find the one that’s right for you!

Tips for Buying a New Car

2011_Peugeot_RCZ_-_NRMA_Drivers_Seat_-_Flickr_-_NRMA_New_Cars_(2)High pressure salesmen are hard enough to deal with, let alone the stress of buying a new car in general. Negotiating is almost always a factor when working with a dealer and the idea is to drop the price as much as possible. Your negotiating skills can be enhanced by doing the proper research about the car before you go into the dealership. Then you can make a more informed decision and stand firmer by collecting data about the actual cost before you buy.

It’s not always fun when buying a new car, so the more advice you can receive the smoother the process will be. Try to be relaxed, optimistic, and patient without becoming agitated. This car buying guide has been known to help ease the stress of buying a new car, which can be much like a poker game. Know the rules and avoid the scams!

Achieving the greatest new car purchase price?

Look around! Never buy the first think you look at no matter what the sales slogan say. Be aware and be informed before going into the dealership. Visit websites like Cars.com, InvoiceDealers, Autoweb, Car.com, CarsDriect, Ford Direct, and Auto USA to ensure you have as much knowledge about the vehicle bore the negotiating begins. You want the sale to be on your terms, not theirs. Don’t hesitate to buy online, as sometimes the quotes will be a lot cheaper than that of a dealership. This options is sometimes less of a headache and the process is listed online step by step.

Find testimonials, insurance quotes, warranty prices, delivery information, trade in values, and many other things online at Edmunds.com. They are always upgrading their services and this even includes calculators for leasing or loaning. You can also find financing tips, recall information, road test results, and maintenance advice. New cars can be purchased at Autobytel or CarsDriect by being directly connected to a dealer. CarsDirect lets a number of new and used cars be compared right next to each other so this makes for another great online tool.

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