Finding a Car’s True Market Value with Edmunds TMV

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It’s always a good idea to find the true market value of a car and Edmunds is a great place to do so. It offers a free service that makes it simple for buyers to find the true market value. By compiling car prices from dealers across the nation, Edmunds TMV has taken the work out of doing the research himself. All you need to do is enter a few details about the car, and a flood of information will be provided for you.

Click on the TMV (True market Value) link on

Enter the year, make, and model of the vehicle you desire and select “Go”.

Once you have chosen the specific style that is relevant to the car of your choice, you can review the True Market Value given for that style. The first TMV given is for cars across the country, but by clicking on the desired style, a local value will be displayed.

Sometimes a car has added features that are considered nonstandard. This is why Edmunds TMV provides a customized appraisal to help alter the market value to incorporate these features. Leather seating, heated seats, and trim are just a few factors that can be included in the customized appraisal. Be sure to have a complete list of add-ons to help you get the most accurate value.

Bring the printed report of the true market value with you when shopping for your next vehicle. This saves time by leading you directly to the point with the seller.

Using Edmunds TMV to Calculate a Car Value

Prices will vary greatly when buying a car from a private seller or dealership. To keep you properly informed, Edmunds has a true market value tool on their website that can build your confidence when negotiating with a seller.

The True Market Value tool at Edmunds is free and doesn’t take more than a few minutes to use. Never buy a car without determining its true market value beforehand.

Head to the Edmonds website and select the link for true market value.

edmunds TMVIdentify the manufacture year, make and model of the car you are interested in. Most models of cars come in more than one style so it is important to select the proper one. Each style will be listed with a corresponding market value. During this stage of the website, the values listed are that of the vehicle over the entire country and you will want to find the local true market value by clicking on the specific car.

Climate, location, and inventory all effect a cars chance to sell. Cars that identify with their location will cost less in areas where they aren’t needed as much. You wouldn’t normally buy a four-wheel drive in California so the prices tend to be lower in order for them to sell.

Added features can be included for a customized appraisal through Edmunds since the true market value is generally based on standard equipment. Including all the addition options will adjust the market value to be more specific with your vehicle.

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