Ford Escape Hybrid Review, Spec With Pictures

Ford Escape Hybrid Review, Spec With Pictures

Ford Escape Hybrid Review.

The Ford Escape Hybrid stand out in the overcrowded compact crossover market, thanks to its good looks, sharp handling, and premium features. The Ford Escape Hybrid was built in two different generations, with the second generation ranging from 2008-20012.The Ford Escape Hybrid offers near V6 power with the fuel efficiency and economic responsibility that savvy consumers are looking for.

Ford chose to mimic the body style of the Edge and Expedition that gives the car a modern sophisticated look. The power train consisted of a small 2.3l or 2.5l, four cylinder engine, which put out 155 and 177hp respectively. This paired with duel electric motors, actually gave the Ford Escape Hybrid more power than the standard Ford Escape when you felt like putting your foot down.

The basic trim model comes with everything you’ve come to expect from a modern car, but with the addition of duel climate control and Fords Sync System. The Limited Edition will add leather heated seats, a sun roof, and an optional touch screen system. With competitive pricing and options when compared to others in its class, the Ford Escape Hybrid puts efficiency, quality, and value in a package that merits serious consideration.

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