Ford F-150 Raptor review, Spec With Pictures

Ford F-150 Raptor review, Spec With Pictures

Ford f 150 Raptor review

Automotive manufacturers all over the worlds are working extensively to produce better brands for their consumers from crossover, couple, trucks, SUV etc. he Ford company f 150 division has decided to upgrade its production of the Ford f 150 raptor off road pick-up that comes big and bold. As a motor enthusiast I must agree that I was impressed by this production especially its performance, stability on the road and the additional descent control from a hill. It is the best for work and the off road cruising.

The interior comes with everything one longs for information, entertainment, spacious cabin, manual air conditioners; reserve sensor to avoid hitting objects and a 911.It also has spacious cargo area.

As for the exterior, it was made with aluminum and a high strengthened frame work. This vehicle furthermore comes in a variety of colors from the body bumpers both in the front and behind.

The engine is a 6.2l V8 engine that is able to produce 411hp and 6113lbs.It is connected to a 6 speed automatic gear transmission.

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