Ford Fiesta 2014

Ford Fiesta 2014

2014 Ford Fiesta Review.

The 2014 Ford Fiesta is a small techno-savvy car designed for high performance. It is designed with various features and licensed accessories to enable personalization by owners. The Fiesta has an improved sculpted appearance, thanks to its sleek yet unique new hood topped with headlamps, grille, trim and fog lamps for a totally new exterior. Whether you prefer a hatch to a sedan, or vice versa, the Fiesta is your car of choice. Available in 10 attractive colors, you choose the color you find most appealing. The cars distinct sporty technology and synic with My ford touch features for improved functionality.

The safety cage is reinforced with boron steel to protect both the passenger and driver. The exterior body kit graphics package, the Fiesta ST comprising of trim, unique wheels and a functional interior inspired by the emblazoned RECARD seats for improved performance.

The SE Ecoboost fuel economy package features an engine with 3 cylinders that won the 2014 engine of the year award. The turbo charged engine is designed to deliver great performance that surpasses that of many other Ford Fiesta cars available in the market.

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