Ford Fiesta st Review, Spec With Pictures

Ford Fiesta st Review, Spec With Pictures

Ford Fiesta st Review

Owning a Ford Fiesta st can help fulfill ones dream car. Ford Fiesta st will certainly give satisfaction to ny lucky car owner. The new Ford Fiesta is a hatch redefined car that has sports alloy pedals,182ps Torque energy of more than 240Nm.Ford Fiesta st is not only having an excellent power but it is also having economical fuel consumption.

The interior is fitted with world famous RECARDO sport seats that provide ergonomic body support for more comfort. Ford Fiesta st is equipped with unparallel branded suspension and a durable 17” alloy rear disc brakes that provide great performance, features that can eliminate your boredom while driving.

The automatically turn-on rain sensing wipers of Ford Fiesta st is another technology that can help you to forecast rain. Other stunning features of Fiesta are the push –button start, smooth and shiny body kit, a beautiful rear spoiler and two-ways exhaust made of chrome.

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