Ford Focus Electric Review, Spec With Pictures

Ford Focus Electric Review, Spec With Pictures

Ford Focus Electric Review

Ford has won trust of many customers around the globe in the automobile sector. Ford Focus Electric has played a major role in this aspect. It comes with a tall roofed body, spacious and tech endowed cabin, impressive power train as well as an efficient fuel consumption rate.

Its physique closely resembles that of Hyundai Santa Fe. This can be noticed especially at the front part. Nevertheless, Focus Electric comes out to be more premium than any other of its precursors. Its exterior comprises LED headlights extended with a well fit VW design grille, 21” rims and a titanium body. This explains its smooth captivating look.

Comfort is all that has been ensured at its interior. Users can have USB port access for music, multiple buttons that facilitate voice controls, steering wheel button supplements and touch screen displays. Be sure to have a luxurious drive as a Vista glass roof cruise control feature and leather fabrics have flawlessly finished its interior upholding a cozy look. This model is more spacious both for passengers and cargo amenities than its predecessors.

The 2014 Ford Focus Electric consumers can choose from three engine types. We are talking about a 2.9l Ecoboost engine able to generate a 245hp muscle and 372lb of torque. The other option is V6, 3.5L, with an aptitude of 285hp and 343lb of torque. The last one is a 2.7l Ecoboost engine.

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