Ford Focus rs 500 Review, Spec With Pictures

Ford Focus rs 500 Review, Spec With Pictures

Ford Focus rs 500 Review.

The Ford Focus rs 500 fall into the category of what is commonly referred to as the Crossover SUV. The first model of this jeep has been in the market since 2007.In line with meeting realities of the times, it comes with 16 ton 18 inches alloy wheels.

The exterior has acoustic Laminated Windows, a bi-xenon projector headlight and a model length of about 75.1”.In a future breakdown, the windows are specially designed to shield the flow of noise that comes into the vehicle from outside sources. The head light design is formatted to operate with halogen bulbs. This gives great visibility whenever you travel in the dark. Ultimately, the body still retains the sleek and alluring spark that makes it a stand-out SUV. It also comes in different colors.

The interior has an endearing leather stitching that goes beyond conventional designs. The center console and arm rest is covered with vinyl while the seats can easily be adjusted to create more space for storage. The chair-mounted side airbags, anti-lock brakes, HDD and MP3 compatibility of the systems are some of the many features you find in the vehicle.

The engine specification stands at about 158hp.It is a 2.0l engine consisting of 16 vales with variable timing. Amongst other things, the updated version also enjoys an improved automatic speed transmission. The overall functionality puts it in a place of rugged comfort for the user.

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