Ford Focus st Review, Spec With Pictures

Ford Focus st Review, Spec With Pictures

Ford Focus st Review.

The Ford Focus st is one of the all time best selling small and sporty cars in USA. The car offers a smooth ride and comfortable seats to the driver and passengers. It folds down the rear seats creating more space for cargo. This makes it be very compact with brightened interior. It’s also worth noting that the prices of the Ford Focus st are comparatively low in relation to the other models.

The exterior design of the car has a new and refurbished face with halogen bulb headlights that are very bright. The model has windshield wipers and an underground fuel tank protector. It has an audio system that plays AM, FM and a CD. The Ford Focus st model has a 2.3l four cylinder engine base that is n improvement on the old 2.0l.The car is available with a very prompt automatic transmission system. It also has a fully automated four wheel drive system. The transmission is new and facilitates faster shifting efforts and an improved ride.

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