Ford Focus Wagon Review, Spec With Pictures

Ford Focus Wagon Review, Spec With Pictures

Ford Focus Wagon Review.

2013 saw the debut of some of the most incredible vehicles on the automotive industry. The truck sector was not left behind and the Ford Focus Wagon took its place in the rakings due to its impeccable features. The pickup truck is an all round performer from its performance both off-road and in the city to its interior and exterior architecture.

The interior design of this vehicle raised the bar for the other pick up trucks. As opposed to the traditional interior orange color displayed by its predecessors, this model brought out a white and black color which can only be described as bold and beautiful. This vehicle boasts of high tech features ranging from cool navigational features, music system and safety features like airbags.

On the side of performance, the Ford Focus is powered by a 2.l 4 cylinder engine that produces a 159hp and 189lb of torque. No wonder its all time driver’s favorite.

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