Pricing a KBB Motorcycle Based on Kelley Blue Book

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If you’re planning to purchase a motorcycle, there are a lot of things to consider before you finally decide on purchasing one with your best interests prioritized.

Aside from a motorcycle’s history and age, as a buyer; you should also be aware of the size of the engine, the model and make of the bike, and its class too. Whether you’re planning to purchase a first or fifth class bike, it is imperative that you know the very things that need to be considered when asking for the right price.

If this is the first time that you’re planning to purchase one, it will be good to refer to the Kelley Blue Book for a well-established guide for actual bike prices. For your convenience, the Kelley Blue book can also be accessed online, and you can request for printed copies for your documentation too.

So first things first, you need to gather as many facts and information as your resources can give you about the bike that you would want to price right for buying or selling. Aside from the basic information such as the year, make, and model, you may also need to take note of the engine’s cylinder volume, its general condition, and the type of bike as well. You must also think about prioritizing whether you want the retail or trade-in value of your potential purchase.

Bear in mind that the trade-in value of a motorcycle is an estimated amount of the bike’s actual worth if it is put out as a trade-in unit in any dealer transaction. On the other hand, the retail value is an estimated cost of the dealer price if the bike is in mint condition.

Try to scroll through the Kelley Blue Book homepage and look for the Motorcycle Values button.

kbb motorcycleNext, click on the link or the bike’s picture with the label ‘Motorcycles’ and then click the retail value option or the trade-in one depending on your choice. These options will appear on the next screen.

In the homepage you will also find the ‘Motorcycle Store’ and you will then brought to a screen that’s dedicated to navigating motorcycle parts and dealer referrals. Afterwards, choose your bike’s year of choice. The year is the date in which the motorcycle was assembled; it has nothing to do with the bike’s date of purchase.

You can choose a particular model or make of a bike in the ‘Search Here by Model Name’ button or link. The mentioned link will then provide you with a pop-up box which will yield various lists of models that you can match to the models of manufacturers. This pop-up box also yields guidelines about when was a particular motorcycle distributed or sold in the market.

If you click the letters that are located at the topside of the box, you will be able to see car models organized by the first letter. Afterwards, you can choose your model of choice on the following page.

These models are grouped according to type, and it depends on the models that are in the market trend for the current year. The types cover Moto-Cross, Sidecar, Touring types, and Street cars. Each of the models is differentiated through the cylinder volume which helps narrow options into the most important ones. You can review all the information on the following screen by getting a closer look on the retail or trade-in value of your chosen unit. Assuming that the concerned motorcycle is in a good state, the estimated price doesn’t cover mileage or any additional equipment.

kbb motorcycle 2The retail value is determined while assuming that the dealer of the bike has repaired and reconditioned the motorcycle fully before putting it up for sale. As for the ‘Mileage/Condition’ link, you can check out the Expected Accumulated Average mileage rate by simply opening this page. The ‘Additional Equipment’ link, on the other hand, allows you to check out the Additional Equipment Retail Value.

The latter shows the actual value that every accoutrement or accessory adds to the motorcycle. If you have noticed with motorcycles, the unit of measurement for cylinders is cc. the frame usually has a notation sticker regarding the product cc and engine size. But just like any suggested value, the Kelley Blue Book cannot promise accurate values regarding the best price for a certain motorcycle. It is only used as a starting point or guide of reference.

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