How To Determine The Edmunds Used Car Value

Used Car Valuation

edmunds used carOne of the main online car appraisal tools available when purchasing or selling a used car is Edmunds. This helps you get the most accurate information regarding the car’s worth. Dealers, private sellers, or mechanics don’t always give a reliable price when quoting you the value of a car. The Edmunds used car value calculator helps ensure you are estimating the fairest price of the car and it only takes a few minutes to use. Even better it’s free!

Evaluating an Edmunds used car

To begin, make a list of the car’s special features and any other details about the car that affect its value. Two or four-wheel drive, heated seats, leather, and stereo system are all important factors. On the Edmunds website, access the used cars link and select the model and year of the car. Cars available since 1990 will be available on Edmunds, but nothing before that year.

Next select the model and style of the vehicle and be sure you have the right one. Enter in the color, mileage, and other material that you are prompted to have. A section will be provided for you to enter in your compiled list of features and select the cars current condition. This condition can be Outstanding, Clean, Average, Rough, or Damaged. After all the information is put in, click on “Get Pricing Report”. A price for trade-in, private sale, or retail price will be displayed and you will have the knowledge you need to negotiate.

It won’t hurt to compare the Edmunds calculation with that of the Kelley Blue Book to double check your figures.

Edmunds True Market Car Value

edmunds used car 2The true market value of a car can ensure you aren’t paying too much for a vehicle whether it’s been owned before or not. A free service is offered at Edmunds that assists in finding this value. A complete list of car prices from dealers all over the nation is provided so all you need to do is enter in a few factors find out what your car’s true market value is.

Click on the True Market Value link on Edmunds and enter the year, make and model of the vehicle you want to buy.

After selecting “Go”, choose the style of car to get more specific information on you desired car.

Since there are multiple styles for most cars, such as the 6 styles available for Jeep Liberty it is important to use this tool to choose the proper one.

You can view the True Market Value for your vehicle throughout the whole country or choose the specific style to display the value locally. If the car does not have standard features, a customized appraisal can be sought. This modifies the market value with added features so you will want to provide a list of all these features to get a correct appraisal.

Review the Edmunds True Market Value for your vehicle’s style. The chart displays the true market value for vehicles countrywide. If you want to know how much your vehicle is worth in your local market, click on the vehicle style for a local value.

You have the option to print the True Market Value from Edmunds which is a great tool to have on hand when going car shopping. With it in hand, you have the information to back your negotiating ready available and don’t have to waste time going back and forth with the seller.

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