How To Get the Best Prices on Used Canadian Cars

Canadian Car

Buying a used car has many benefits, especially if you do not have the budget to spend on a brand new vehicle. One thing you want to make sure of, however, is that you do the research to determine you are getting what you are paying for. There happens to be a big market for Canadian used cars so gathering as much information as possible will help to ensure you are making a smart purchase.

When buying or selling used cars, acknowledge whether to use standard or optional equipment pricing. If choosing optional equipment pricings, remember that added accessories and special features are incorporated. These special features may include auto transmission, A/C, power steering/brakes, and an AM/FM radio. Do not forget to alter the estimate when buying a car should there not be any of these added accessories.

The internet is full of a 2011_Peugeot_RCZ_-_NRMA_Drivers_Seat_-_Flickr_-_NRMA_New_Cars_(2)variety of guidelines and basic knowledge to take into account if you plan to buy aused car in Canada. Be positive that the vehicles runs efficiently and is clean. Also take note of any work that has to be done and subtract the predicted costs. If a car is in excellent condition or happens to be a luxury vehicle, it can cost up to 5% if it has a decreased depreciation.

As with anything popular, if a specific type of car is in high demand you will end up paying more. Location and climate may also play in to the value. Check out classified ads in your local newspaper or magazines to search for more information on used car prices. Often times, banks and insurance businesses will refer to Canadian Black Book or Canadian Red book when estimating current values of used cars. A quick google search of “Canadian used car deals” may also yield some results on material that can be evaluated for more information.

Locally Pricing Your Used Car in Canada

local car dealerIf you are Canadian, unfortunately it will be difficult to use popular websites such as Kelley Blue Book. This is because Kelley Blue Book and similar websites only serve markets in the United States. However, on May 28, 2010, Canada came out with its own website ran by the Canadian Black Book. You need not worry about being ripped off by a dealership! Trade-in values, estimated retail price, and even predicted values of used or new cars in the future are all listed on the website. Only cars in the Canadian market available since 1997 are displayed the webpage.

This service is sure to help Canadian car buyers by providing them with knowledge they can compare to what they gather from the dealer as they go into shop. The dealers are also benefit as shoppers will come in ready to buy rather than browse around getting information.

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